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Live and Work Differently

Who we are

New Culture Institute is a consulting company which was created by passionate experts,
experienced transformation leaders and managers.
We provide solutions, best practices and tools for leaders and teams.
We support organizations in building inspiring work environment and culture based on cooperation and accountability.

In our approach we combine practical business experience, coaching skills and ability to facilitate team work.
We strongly believe that the business world needs timeless values and valuable leadership model. Therefore we are strongly commited to the Servant Leadership concept which we believe is a powerful receipt for nowadays challenges.


We desire to serve others with our passion, knowledge, experience and engagement. We are professionals delivering high quality performance to our Clients to enable them achieve outstanding business results.




Inspiring Leadership

Workshops Leader of Tommorow

Leader identity building workshops based on Servant Leadership concept.
Intensive autoreflective process to discover own intention, believes and resources helping leaders to understand their personal leader’s identity and form self development process.
New perspective on leadership role and set of inspiration on how to become conscious and mature leader.

Workshops Effective leadership tools & best practices

Practical workhops to deliver practices, tools and solutions helping to manage teams effectively. Mainly based on lean management approach and focused on performance management, process efficiency, people development and building and sustaining continous improvement culture.

Individual development work with managers

Coaching and mentoring sessions to strengthen skills and attitude in terms of leadership role.

Powerful Teams

Worshops "Communication & Cooperation"

Interactive workhops for team members to integrate and better understand each other. We use Nonviolent Communication (NVC) standards and approach to enhance the level of communication in a team.
During the workshop there is a space for individual appreciation, team rules work out and personal commitment in order to achieve progress in cooperation

Workshops Awareness of business roles & responsibilities

Interactive workhops for team members or between different teams in organization to explore and deepen the understanding of the role in value chain in the organization. Depending on particular context we lead the group to achieve the common agreement on the role, rules, service quality standard, responsibilities and good understanding of other members or teams’ needs, challenges and perspective.

Facilitation process to address specific business goals

We facilitate a team work upon any business subject. Facilitation process is a very useful method to generate the solution to a complex problem using a group wisdom and potential. Facilitator is a person who delivers structure and framework for the team work and stimulates the group to be able to generate the best possible solution. (topic examples: new strategy creation, innitiatives to increase the sales results, new products, process optimization, etc).

Efficient Organizations

Diagnosis of organization effectiveness

In order to apply the best solution to enhance the efficiency of organization we conduct the diagnostic process ending with executive summary report covering such dimensions as: organizational efficiency, people capabilities & skills, company culture. The report includes conclusions and recommendations for further actions. We use holistic approach and proven methodology to evaluate the company maturity.

Lean Management System implementation Program

Based on diagnostic results we recommend and design the solution and practices which fit the needs in the best way. Choosing from wide scope of practical methods and management tools we help the Client to optimize the processes and productivity, organization set up, roles and responsibilities of people. We also provide customer orientation, leadership development and capabilities to set up healthy organizational culture.

Servant Leadership Model implementation Program

High quality leadership and inspiring organization culture is the key to success of any organization. Therefore we encourage our Clients to implement the culture based on trust, respect and serving others – customers, employees, suppliers and community. We help leaders to create the change story, values and vision able to captivate and release the energy and potential of people. We support managers to go through change and to became authentic leaders for others.

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